Joy at receiving great reviews.

According to Wikipedia

Reputation Marketing has evolved from the marriage of the fields of reputation management and brand marketing,

There are 3 sections to Reputation Management

Build Reputation

Manage Reputation

Market Reputation

Building your reputation starts with you asking your satisfied customers/clients to leave you a review. You should make it easy by directing them to the best place to leave the review.

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Managing your reputation consists of knowing where the reviews are located and replying to each one,

For a good review you thank them with a personal message not a standard reply you give to everyone,

For a bad review. Offer to fix it if possible or explain the situation and end with a positive statement.

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Reputation Marketing consists of taking the 5 star reviews and converting them into video and image formats and syndicating them across Social Media.

Not many Reputation Programs offer this marketing section,

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There are 6 sections to Brand Marketing for local business

Google Business Profile


Facebook Business Page

Your Google Business Profile is the most important and it must be optimised to give Google the most important aspects of your business

Your website must also be optimised ,fast and secure. WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) to be used The number of themes and plugins increase the funstions of the Website

Your Facebook Business Page handles many social aspects of your brand and marketing

YouTube Channel

Local Directories


Your YouTube Channel is where you store your videos for your business. YouTube gets more monthly visits than Facebook.

Getting listed online will improve the chances of clients connecting to you specifically when your business turns up in local directory sites. The more places  your business is mentioned,the greater your chances of being found by your customers. Each directory provides a backlink to your website

LinkedIn is the perfect site if you are Business to Business.

This is where business leaders discuss business ideas.

Get involved in discussions so people discover who you are as you start to establish trust

Important points about Reputation

It is impossible to please 100% of people 100% of the time. We will all get a bad review at sometime.It usually occurs when people have unreal expectations or when there is a misunderstanding.
My clients often get me to answer the bad ones and sometimes the good ones till they are confident to do it themselves.
The reply is not for the person who left the review but the hundreds for people whio will read it
Google and the public both like to know you are paying attention and interested in peoples problems.

"The most dependable way to attract more clients and be positioned for success online is to establish authority and trust with Google"


In the past if you wanted a recommendation for goods or services you asked a friend, Now, however everyone asks Google.

Nearly everything online these days is governed by Google.

When people search online Google tries to deliver the best result.

The best product or service provided by the most reliable business.

Part of the Algorithm Google uses is Social Proof.